Our Story


Since the very beginning, we’ve only had one mission, which was to create a brand that inspired people to be the very best version of themselves, not to be body builders and professional athletes. One day at a local gym, I was more inspired by the people working out that day, than the professional athletes constantly being shown on the tv screens. The single mother exercising so that she can be able to play with her grandchildren one day, the hard-working father showing his son how to lift weights, the college student working out in-between classes, these people and their stories are what moved me, and my father and I wanted to create a brand that celebrated the “everyday athlete”.

Next, we needed a name. My dad and I spent hours looking through a dictionary and by chance my dad stumbled across the word “Elect” and we were surprised by the definition. Like most people, I initially thought that the definition had something to do with voting, but when we looked deeper, the definition was “to be highly favored or chosen.” Like the word “Elect”, the people that this brand is for have a greater meaning and purpose than what people expect and they are highly favored and chosen to do great things. I knew at that moment, “Elect Nation” was our name.

As the company grew and evolved so did I as a person. I went from a kid with a dream, to a man who understood that health goes far beyond the body, but also the heart, mind, and spirit and that bled into the fabric of each of our products.

What makes this brand special isn’t our story, its the stories of everyone that wears and supports our company. Our clothing, social media content, and community has inspired thousands of people to write a new chapter in their story, and we hope that you’ll give us opportunity to being apart of yours.


Peace and progress,