Our Story

 If God gives you a dream, you can trust that he will bless you with everything that you’ll need to make it happen.10 years ago, my focus was on taking care of my family, my job, and my bills, and taking care of myself slowly became less of a priority. At the age of 50, I decided that I wanted to be described by my age and not defined by it. I got in the gym and the physical growth lead to me growing in all the other areas of my life.

At the beginning of this year, God put it on my heart to encourage grown people to see that it’s possible to make this chapter of your life, the best chapter of your life and that getting older doesn’t mean you have to get old. When other companies and brands refused to support the vision, I prayed and set out to create my own.

I spent hours looking through a dictionary and by chance I stumbled across the word “Elect” and was surprised by the definition. Like most people, I initially thought that the definition had something to do with voting, but when we looked deeper, the definition was “to be highly favored or chosen.” Like the word “Elect”, the people that this brand is for are highly favored and chosen to age iconically. I knew at that moment, “Elect Nation” was our name.

With COVID-19, we faced many ups and downs building this company, but with God all things are truly possible and I’m proud to present Elect Nation Apparel, a brand focused on providing lifestyle content, clothing, and a community for grown people looking to age iconically. To all my grown people this is our time, and this is our brand.

What makes this brand special isn’t our story, its the stories of everyone that wears and supports this brand. Everyday we strive for our lifestyle content, clothing, and community to inspire millions of people to write a new chapter in their story, and we hope that you’ll give us opportunity to being apart of yours.



Theo Bean

Founder of Elect Nation Apparel