Our Story


Since the beginning, we've set out to create the brand that the world has been waiting for. One that is focused on making history, and not just making noise. The founders of Elect Nation had only one mission, which was to use this company as a tool to spark greatness in everyone that supports our brand. The word “Elect” means to be highly favored or chosen, and that’s exactly the type of people this brand is for.

At the age of 13, Christian Terrel was just a Houston kid with a dream. A dream to create a brand built for the people doing everything they can to climb the mountain of success, and not just for the people on the top of the mountain. At the age of 23, the vision is clearer than its ever been, and Christian Terrel, his father, Jonathan Factor, and the Elect Nation Team are more dedicated than ever to making the vision a reality.


“study the greats, thEN become one.”

-Christian Terrel


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