Life Lessons: Vision


Vision in its purest form is seeing a dream fully manifested. In other words, a vision is a more detailed version of a dream, so detailed that you can close your eyes and feel like you are there. When passion meets a dream, a vision has the ability to form. With that being said the most important aspect to a vision is that it involves a person’s purpose. I truly believe that everyone is born with a purpose, a predestined reason for their existence, and I believe that God has given everyone every talent needed to fulfill that purpose for their lives. So why is it important to understand the concept of vision?

The importance of understanding what is a vision, is so that you can have the ability to find a vision for your life and start to take steps to making it a reality. Everyone has dreams, but very few fully flesh out those dreams and turn them into visions. The problem is that very many people dream and don’t include their purpose in life. The first step is to know what is your purpose in life, and the first step is to analyze the natural gifts that God has given you and see how you can use those gift to help better the world.

For me, the vision for Elect Nation Apparel came when I reflected on my dreams of starting a business and looked at the gifts God gave me and realized that I had a gift for designing clothes. This sparked my dream of starting a clothing line. Then I looked for ways I could take the clothing line and use it to make the world a better place. I realized that I can help the world by putting designs and saying that inspire people to chase their dreams and that they have the power to do more with their lives. Dreams are the starting blocks for visions, and visions are the starting blocks for change.