Life Lessons: Motivation


Motivation is the fire that pushes us to be more than who we currently are. Motivation is a glimpse of what we can become if we just keep persevering through whatever challenges we are facing. Why is it so important to understand the meaning of motivation? Simple, if we can understand what motivation is, then we are able to understand when and how to apply it to our lives when we need it most.

I learned the power of motivation during a period in my life when things were difficult. I was in my first year of college and class work was starting to pile up on me, money was running low, and the clothing line wasn’t growing as fast as I was hoping. As the pressure began to mount in my life, thoughts of quitting tried to creep into my mind. Many people refer to this point as the “breaking point” and nearly everyone has experienced it. In the darkest moment in my “breaking point” I stumbled across a video on Youtube by the motivational speaker Eric Thomas. In the video he said that in life you have two options; to be phenomenal, or be forgotten. That really hit me. I was at the very cross roads in my life where I had to decide how I wanted to be remembered, do I want to be known as someone who persevered or as someone who was a quitter. In that moment of reflection I quickly chose the person I wanted to be and a fire rose inside me. A passion to succeed no matter what obstacle was in my way flared in my soul. When life added difficulty, I added effort. I am now in my senior year of college with a GPA of 3.846.

No matter where you are in life, motivation can help you push past whatever challenges stand in your way. Find a way to motivate yourself to the next level of your life, then find a way to motivate someone else to do the same.