Behind the design: Patience molds kings


Behind every design is a story or lesson from my life attached to it. I made it a point from the very beginning to create art that moved people, and using my own experiences has been key to me achieving that goal. I never wanted to design clothes just for money, I wanted to release clothing that stood for something bigger than myself. In my opinion art only has meaning when its purpose and meaning is bigger than the one who made it. The “patiENce molds kings” design is one that is very special to me and growth as an artist and as a man.

The “patience molds kings” design is simple, but the inspiration behind the design is one that is complex and took nearly a year to manifest into what you see today. At the time I was making this design, I felt the frustration that we eventually all do on this journey towards achieving my dreams. Sales were slowing down, money was running low, designs weren’t coming to me as often. I began to feel stuck, as if chains were attaching themselves to me and holding me back from moving this company forward. The more I fought these chains, they heavier they became, and soon I found myself frustrated and at the brink of breaking down.

I knew that designing clothes was my calling, but everything in front of me said otherwise. When I tried everything I could possibly do I got down on the floor and prayed to God for guidance. I poured out my heart to him, and talked about the chains I felt were holding me down (lack of money, lack of industry contacts, lacks of customers, lack of designs). I prayed until I ran out of words to say, then I just went silent. I wanted to get up, but something inside me told me to just stay there on the floor and wait. A few minutes later I could hear the word “patience” in my head. Over and over I kept hearing the word “patience” and soon I felt peace enter my mind, my heart, and my spirit. I knew God was telling me to just be patient and to trust him, and I did.

Instead of frustrating myself by trying to force opportunities, I began to just do my best everyday. I would do the daily things for the company, and just not think about the things out of my control. When I became committed to being patient, all the things I was stressing myself out to get began to come my way. I began to create designs at a faster rate than every before, people were sharing the link to the brand and we experience more customers than ever before, companies were reaching out to us in hopes of doing business, and we saw out social media follower growing by the thousands. I learned at that point that patience and persistence is the a key to success. That was one of the most powerful lessons I ever learned and I wanted to make a design that would constantly remind me of it, as well as motivate others feeling the same frustration I did.

After a couple of days of brainstorming, “patiENce mold kings” came to mind and the rest is history. No matter how difficult the journey may be, trust me when I say it that with patience and persistence, the victory will always be yours.