It’s been awhile since we caught up with CB Terrel and the Elect Nation team. Find out what they’ve been up to here as CB gives the scoop on the newest designs, his high school graduation, and his big plans for the design world:



FYI: What have you been up to?

Just been painting the next chapters in this Elect Nation story. I’ve been involved in a lot of design sessions and I’m excited  about where the brand is heading.



FYI: What new products do you have?

We just released the EN hoodies and phones cases for Iphone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Creating products besides clothes is something that I’ve been planning on doing for awhile and to see us release phone cases its a good feeling.



FYI: Do you plan to expand the product line? If so, What products will you offer?

Yes, we’re currently working on the winter collection and wrapping up the summer release products. I’m just really trying to take my time with how we expand the brand, because I want every new addition to make fit into this picture I’m trying to paint.



FYI: What are the trends for this season? Will you be following them or incorporating them into your designs?

A lot of brands are starting to incorporate a lot of bright colors into there current collections. I’m a fan of what’s going on in the industry, but I only use color combinations that feel right when I’m designing. I can never force a design, the entire product has to feel right. If I start forcing designs then the entire brand will lose what makes it stand out...its genuineness.



FYI: What has inspired your latest designs/styles?

I really wanted to go more in depth into the things that make up the brand, like the “EN” and the “L.A.M.B.” logos. A lot of the first designs were released so people to get a feel for the brand. Now that they know the “EN” style I wanted to take it a step further this time around.



FYI: What do you have planned for your summer collection? (clothes, styles, fabrics, etc.)

Adding V-necks to the product list something we’re looking forward to doing. Also new shirt designs are in production.



FYI: What else have you been working on?

I’ve been busy finishing up high school and I’ll be graduating in June. My parents always stressed the importance of finishing whatever you start and I’m glad to be finishing up my high school education. My mom already has the frame for my diploma (laughs).



FYI: What can we expect from Elect Nation in the coming months?

A lot of design sessions. We’re always grateful for all the success we’ve had, but we’re never satisfied. I’m in a great place creatively and I’m trying to get as many concepts down as possible. Where we are going will be legendary.