We just wrapped up another major project that I’m excited for you guys to experience. Every time we finish something big it always makes me reflect on the beginning of this journey and how far we’ve come in eight years. This time the reflection was a little different. This time I thought about some advice I wish someone would have shared with me when I decided I wanted to start a clothing line. I know that many of you guys that support this brand have your own dreams and company ideas, so I wanted to share some advise in hopes that you take it and use them to help you chase your dreams.



1. Ask your self why you want to chase this dream

Having a dream is one of the best things that can happen to a person. Seeing yourself doing something better than where you currently are is inspiring and can push someone to do more than they ever imagined. But before you spend you time, money, and effort chasing a dream, the first and most important thing you should ask yourself is why you want to pursue that dream in the first place. Do you want to be an actor just so that you can be on television and make a lot of money, or do you want to be an actress because you have a burning passion to display more people like your self to the world and hopefully show another little boy that african american and hispanic people are can make it in hollywood. Understanding your motives is a major key to whats going to keep you going when times get hard. If you’re only chasing money, chances are you are going to quit because it takes a while (sometimes years) before you get your first acting job. Once you find a dream that has the right motives for chasing it (something bigger than just yourself) you will have the motivation to chase it despite the tough times you may encounter.


2. Embrace your fears

The second thing that holds people back from chasing their dreams is the fears that they have about chasing them. Many people let the voices of doubt and fear scare them from going and becoming everything they were destined to be and before you even start on the path to chasing you dream I wanted to warn you that doubts and fears WILL COME. The key to overcoming your fears about chasing your dream is that the fear is not important, the way you deal with them is what’s important. Instead of ignoring you fears and acting like they don’t exist, I want you embrace them. Write down every fear that you have and ask yourself, “Are these fears worth me not moving forward with my life?” and chances are they are not. If your motives are right (Tip #1) the thought of who you can become will always out way the fears that will arise. 



The last and most important tip that I can provide is to START TODAY! many people get excited about a dream and when it’s time to act on it, they get frustrated and push the work off until tomorrow. Soon tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month, and next month becomes next year and by the time you know instead of living you dream you are just stuck with regret of never acting on it.Today is the only day your are guaranteed so don’t waste it. You may not be able to start your restaurant today, but you can go into a local restaurant and ask the chief or manager if they have any advice. You can go to the library or local book store and purchase a book teaching the steps to starting a restaurant. You can write down the recipes that you love to cook and develop your menu. The point is that there is SOMETHING that you can do today to help you get one step closer to you dreams and I suggest you make it happEN.